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"The best way to predict the future is to create it" - Abraham Lincoln



We are very serious about this.

This means that will only accept clients who commit to working with us to help the bees.

This would normally consist of ad hoc projects and creating company merchandise including bee hives, bee friendly plant seeds, save the bees TShirts etc.


An yes, we expect an uptick in employees' engagement from this too.

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The natural habitat of the bees

has been mostly destroyed.

This has made them very weak

and very vulnerable to peticides.

The specie needs help,

people need to put bee friendly plants,

bee hives and water wherever possible:

gardens, backyards, patios, balconies, roofs... anywhere.


Bees are gentle and friendly, they only get defensive

if you are close to a natural nest in the wild

or at a honey production site.


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The quick & easy solutions are:

  1. Planting bee friendly flowers

  2. even if it is just one pot hanging from a window

  3. Putting water outside during the hot season

  4. Stop using pesticides in your garden





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Honey is bee's food storage for the winter

It takes the entire lifetime of 12 bees

to produce one tea spoon of honey

For humans, honey is medicinal.

It is like cough syrup, it might taste nice

but you only need to take it when you are sick.

Honey is only needed by people fighting off a strong virus, cancer patients, children with chronic illnesses etc

Honey is super potent:

a dose the size of a capsule is sufficient as daily intake


bees-2368228_960_720 pixabay.jpg

You might enjoy learning about bees through a

bee keeping course, they are often just one day.

been gooseberry hummel-2237273.jpg



Bees polinise

most of the foods grown on our planet

In some parts of the word,

90% of the bee population

has disappeared and counting

Some plant species are disappearing as a result


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Most of the honey sold has been pasteurised

and has had sugar added.

Through the pasteurisation process,

the honey loses its medicinal properties.

Packaging never indicates that the honey was pasteurised.

Some supermarkets import honey from China,

this is honey made by bees who have been fed a sugar only diet.

This honey has no medicinal properties

since these come from the plant extracts.

The provenance of the honey from China

is undisclosed on the packaging.


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Bee's wild nests should never be disrupted

as long as the specie is critically endangered

You can grow some of your own food without pesticides.

Growing your own basil or tomatoes on your kitchen window

or on your balcony is already a start.

If you have a tiny space,

you can focus on the foods that grow vertically

such as green beans.

Planting fruit trees is excellent for the bees

who will polinise them and live off their nectar.

Purchasing food certified organic,

fosters the reduction or elimination of pesticides





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