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The natural habitat of frogs has been disappearing.

Agricultural land and roads have left the specie homeless.

This has made them very vulnerable to bacteria, parasites and pesticides.

They are at critically low numbers and it is fundamental that they have pools of water to lay their eggs.

These are rare and the few that exist are often occupied by species incompatible with frogs:

for instance fishes and ducks both eat frog eggs.

In an attempt to find a protected area with stagnating water, some frogs lay their eggs in watering cans.

It is incredibly important that people who have gardens or who have any outdoors space next to a garden or a park put out some water during the frog reproduction season.

Let's create a future where the frogs are in healthy numbers on the planet.

Remember frog eat mosquitoes :)








It is best if the pond ressembles a natural one

with stones at the bottom, healthy algae,

some coverage from leaves

(such as the large ones from water lillies)

to provide shelter,

a constant supply of fresh water etc.

It is very important that the frogs

have an easy access in and out of the water

and that there are green plants the tadpoles can eat.

The water does not need to be deep

 as long as all the eggs are constantly in the water.

Pesticides are harmful to any living organism, including frogs, so it helps the specie if you refrain from using pesticides in your garden.

That is true even if you are not creating a pond, because pesticides spread in the ecosystem through water.

The frogs cannot share their water area with fish

during the reproduction season,

but they can live together the rest of the year.

So if yo have a fish pond, you can add

a temporary pond next to it from February to August

(check dates applicable to the frog species

living in your area).






frog-2549753_960_720 pobd pixabay water.
garden-768142_960_720 pond pixabay.jpg
garden-1424386_960_720 bucket

Any water you put outside helps us and helps other species


Thank you :)

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