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Radical innovation needs a different cultural environment than product delivery does. Alphabet Moonshot Factory 

Connection with art

Connection with nature

Women empowerment & input from all genders

Balance between these six areas supports a strong flow of creativity


Effective Communication Flows

Space supporting creative flow

Creativity can solve almost any problem.

The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.” George Lois 



Restoring balance


For creativity to flow, six areas need to be kept strong:

  1. Connection with art - we don't expect anyone to go to art galleries twice a week: listening to music, reading and watching movies absolutely counts. What we check is whether everyone stays sufficiently connected to the form(s) of art that work for them

  2. Connection with nature

  3. Effective communication flows - top down, bottom up and within the team

  4. Office space supporting creative flow

  5. Gender balance i.e.: sufficient women empowerment. We see the male/female ratio as irrelevant: we check whether dynamics are conducive to sufficient female input. We would like any LGBTQ input available within the company to be amplified too.

  6. Employee's lifestyle (sleep, exercise, play time, nutrition, relaxation time, time to connect with loved ones etc)


One area can become depleted simply because of the challenges of every day life.

Our role is to identify which one and restore balance.

This is done through a combination of custom solutions implemented onsite &

workshops delivered offsite (likely organised as an immersion for faster results).

We want our solutions to be realistic, appealing and fun for the intended audience.

This is why we invest sufficient time to fully understand a company or team's culture before we suggest anything.



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