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"Without that element of uncertainty,

that sensation of traveling into the unknown,

there would be no progress" - Zaha Hadid


The last few years have brought a tremendous amount of change through innovation,

new technologies, new regulations, uncertainty around trade agreements,

unexpected results from elections and referendums, a lot of employees now working from home,

consumption habits changing, and a lot of power shifting from governments

to companies with exceptional amounts of data, talent, technology and the ability to create innovation

and to attract interest from the general public.

New means of sharing information coupled with fascination for powerful companies

has led to a constant flow of media coverage on company culture.

Challenges that were previously resolved quietly are now in the spotlight.

As a result, the latest news about a companies' challenges is now a very real factor

in their ability to recruit, in short term variations of share price

and in influencing whom stays in senior management or on the board.

Recruitment has been entirely reshaped by the skill shortage for tech roles,

the increasingly short time people stay in a job, the use of social media, Glassdoor

and other platforms (GitHub, Medium etc),

by new recruitment platforms and the use of algorithm to shortlist candidates from a pool of CVs,

chatbots, facial expression recognition, 

the proliferation of psychometric tests, gamification and virtual reality, for grad recruitment in particular.

Recruiting for skills rather than based on previous roles is a growing trend.

Other changes in recruitment are driven by candidates now pursuing goals 

such as well-being, sustainability, social good, a company culture where they are recognised.

We want to encourage the positive trend

BUT we also want a shift to purpose to be the number one factor to join a company.

We have attended a recruitment event on campus and watched an entire pitch by a major tech company focused on the free food at the canteen... that company has some much purpose, brilliance and success to sell, we never want to see that kind of pitch again.

Means of funding for companies have changed, and the likelihood of businesses being sold

by their founders partially or entirely at any stage has significantly increased.

We believe that continuous change can occur harmoniously and effectively

and that the process can be un-intimidating and fun.

With the right communication tools, office space, access to nature and art, appropriate level of women empowerment and ways to encourage all individual talents to come to light

and be used to their fullest potential, acknowledged and rewarded,

creative companies and their employees can thrive. 







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